Why MP3 Is The Preferred Format For Podcasters

Tubidy – A podcast channel only requires at least good audio files for each post you upload there. Among many different audio file formats, podcasters mostly will face two options between MP3 and WAV. Yet, the file format they choose is always MP3. So, Why MP3 Is the Preferred Format for Podcasters?

This article will help you to learn more and understand the greatness of MP3 file format for podcasting needs. So, if you also are planning to start a podcast channel on any online streaming service, you will know which audio format you should use. Let’s start!

MP3 and WAV Difference

First of all, you should know more about each format. The MP3 file format is the most popular audio format because of its compressed and small size file. It is easy for any device to play it without burdening its memory and CPU.

Even though it comes in compressed form, MP3 audio files are the first choice used in many big online streaming platforms. We can say that this file format is a trusted format that doesn’t reduce those big names’ service quality. What about the WAV format?

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WAV audio file format is another audio file that many podcasters use. This format is also known as a lossless audio file. No compression and no audio-reducing quality. If you aim to provide the best sound quality, WAV is the best option for you.

Why do Podcasters Prefer MP3 to WAV?

From the explanation above, you can see that the WAV file has much better quality than MP3. But, Why MP3 Is the Preferred Format for Podcasters? Why do many podcasters choose the audio file with lower quality when they have to provide the best show for their listeners?

The first reason is the size. MP3 audio format has a much smaller size than WAV. For example, a 3-minute song in WAV audio format could be ten times the size of the same song in MP3 format. That size difference talks everything about how more efficient an MP3 file is than WAV.

Additionally, this small and compact size is easy to edit in any software, free or paid version, and any device with different specifications. Many podcasters also love the small MP3 size because they don’t have to purchase a high-end computer to edit the file. The medium specification is enough for this file.

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Furthermore, it also affects how much space your device must provide to save the audio files. MP3 files don’t require too much space. So, you can save thousands of MP3 audio files in one device.

The less-required high-end device, smaller capacity storage, and lightweight for editing means you don’t need to spend more to start a podcast channel. Therefore, MP3 is always the best choice for beginner podcasters. And, even if you are experienced and have been podcasting for years, MP3 still is the best choice.

To ensure you can use an MP3 audio file for better podcast post quality, you also need to understand more about this file. For that reason, you can read our article. It is the Mastering MP3 Metadata Tagging: Organize Your Music Library. Learn more about how to manage this efficient audio file.

Audio Quality Difference

WAV audio format is much higher in audio quality than MP3. Its lossless format allows it to produce a sound close to the original sound you recorded. Interestingly, human ears can’t differentiate the quality difference between these two audio file formats.

Maybe, those who have trained and experienced in the industry where they work a lot with audio can do that. But, in general, listeners can’t do that and it still sounds good for them. Therefore, you don’t need to force yourself as a podcaster to use the lossless file. Use MP3 instead.

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Tips to Record Podcast in MP3 Format

At this point, we believe you know the reason why podcasters choose MP3 audio file format for their podcast channel. So, do you also need to record your podcast in MP3 format? We do not recommend recording your podcast in MP3 audio format.

The best way to record is to keep using the lossless format or WAV when recording the audio for your podcast. It is necessary to maintain the sound quality to the highest quality you can. Then, how should we use the MP3 audio file?

You can convert that WAV audio format to MP3. Using direct MP3 file format is not recommended because you can’t record the details of the sound in your podcast. Recording WAV first allows you to get all the details. After you convert it into an MP3 audio file, the detail might be reduced a bit but it is not gone.


An MP3 audio file is the best option for podcasts. It offers more advantages than other audio formats. That concludes this article that answers this question for you. Why MP3 Is the Preferred Format for Podcasters?

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