The Convenience Of MP3 Audiobooks: Why They’re Dominating

Tubidy – People say that millennials are busier, they are busy with their jobs, career, study and dreams and don’t have much time to sit down for a couple of hours reading a book. Whether you’re a millennial or not, or whether that is true or not, listening to audiobooks is something you should try especially if you live a fast-paced life.

For some people, audiobooks are already replacing physical books and even e-books. And that is because there are a lot of benefits you could get when you are listening to audiobooks. Here is the convenience of MP3 audiobooks: why they’re dominating.

Audiobooks Are Just So Convenient

If you love books and want to bring them anywhere you go to read them in the park or while you’re waiting for your train or bus, to do it could be such a hassle. This is because you have to actually bring the book in your bag or hold in in your hand, and that’s not very convenient. Especially if you are carrying multiple books and they are thick books with several hundreds of pages each.

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Not only that, you can also easily forget where you put one of your books, or someone borrowed it and never gave it back, and you can also damage your books if they get wet from your drink spill or when the rain comes.

Audiobooks are perfect for you who are always on the move whether you’re a busy career person or a busy student. You don’t have to carry multiple books that could be so heavy, and you shouldn’t be worried about forgetting one of your books since all of them are in one device.

Audiobooks would be so convenient and beneficial especially if you are a student and have to work part time jobs between your classes. You can always do your jobs while listening to your audiobooks, making sure you won’t get behind on your studies.

You Can Rely on Them Even When Times Are Not So Good

Sometimes when you are a student, you will get sick for some point, usually because of a flu and you get the common cold. When you are sick, you can’t pick up a book let alone read it. With audiobooks, even when you have to spend all day in your bed, you can keep your audiobooks playing to make up for the times you lost in classes.

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The convenience of MP3 audiobooks: why they’re dominating is because you can make learning and gaining knowledge as your priority. You can listen to your audiobooks when you’re sick, when you’re jogging, working, traveling and others. This is important to continue your learning momentum, especially when you are a student.

They Help Train Your Listening Muscles

A lot of people say that listening to audiobooks is less authentic since you don’t put in the effort like reading physical books. Well that’s just not true since actively listening and absorbing the contents of the books is not an easy thing to do and needs some effort.

In fact, active listening is something that a lot of working people don’t have nowadays. So, not only listening to audiobooks will be great for you since you can do it while doing other activities, you are also learning an important skill to have in your adult life both personal or professional which is active listening.

Listening to audiobooks not only will train your skill of active listening, but also will use and train your sensory and short-term memory. Memory, retention and retrieval are very important in learning anything, and even though those three steps are a little different from reading physical books, it doesn’t mean one thing is superior than the other.

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Better Pronunciation, Richer Vocabulary

Have you ever stumbled upon brand new words while you’re reading a book? You can always find the meaning, but the pronunciation is quite hard even with the help of a dictionary. With audiobooks, you can immediately know how to pronounce the words that are novel to you, and thus, makes your vocabulary richer.


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Those are the conveniences of MP3 audiobooks: why they’re dominating in this fast-paced world we are living in right now. To get your favorite audiobooks, go to Tubidy at

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