Power Up Your Workouts With The Perfect MP3 Playlist

Tubidy – Workouts are important to make sure you are always fit and healthy so you can do your everyday activities without any trouble at all. But sometimes it would take a very strong will to get up, go to the gym and do your workouts especially after a long day at work or on your weekend or day-offs.

One of the ways you can encourage you to do your workouts routinely is by setting up a fiery playlist full of exciting songs. You need to power up your workouts with the perfect MP3 playlist and here’s some tips on how to do that.

Find Your Ultimate Favorite Song to Start the Playlist

Every single playlist has to start with one song, and sometimes that’s a very hard thing to do. If you have an upbeat song which you can’t get it out of your head, you can use that. But if not, you can choose your ultimate favorite song that wouldn’t sound boring at all no matter how many you listen to it.

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After you choose the song to start your playlist, you should then fill the playlist with other upbeat songs that will hype you up to do your workouts until its done. You don’t have to always follow the current trends and charts, but you can go back to the songs you like when you were a teenager to help you doing your workouts.

Research the Songs’ BPM

If you are heavily dependent on your songs while doing your workouts, and if you don’t mind spending a little time doing some research, then you should research the BPM of your workout songs. BPM is an abbreviation for Beats Per Minute which is the actual tempo of the songs.

This is not so important for regular workouts in a gym, but if you are attending fitness classes, matching your songs’ BPM to your moves is quite important. For strength sessions you should use songs with 124-128 BPM, 132-136 for cardio classes, and 126-128 BPM is perfect for any kind of workout.

Add the Range of Your Workout Playlist

When you listen to the same set of songs repeatedly every time you do your workouts, it could be very boring. So to avoid this, always widen your range of songs and genres regularly to power up your workouts with the perfect MP3 playlist. There are some things you can do to make your range of workout songs wider.

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First you can search by artist. Find the artists that have the songs you like, and find out if there are more of their songs that you would like but haven’t heard before. Next you can search by genre, especially pop and dance or even rock if you’re into it. Also, you can search other playlists other people have created for workouts and find out whether one of those playlists will suit you and your workouts.

For your workouts, you’re not only limited to songs but also other audio contents such as podcasts or even audiobooks. The convenience of MP3 audiobooks: why they’re dominating is because you don’t have to sit down and hold down a physical book to read it, but you can do it while doing other things, including your workouts.

Consider Element of Workouts, and Download your Playlist

If you’re a workout enthusiast, you should consider the different elements of workouts while curating your songs to make a playlist. You should pick songs that are welcoming, making you pumped up and driving good energy for the warm up.

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For the work and peak parts of the workouts, the music should have tempo that matches the moves of your workouts, fast paced and intense. And then for the cool down, you should pick the songs that are moving and celebratory to close down your intense workouts.

Sometimes, your internet connection both your data or the gym’s Wi-Fi could get some troubles making it difficult for you to listen to your playlist. To mitigate this, you should have your playlist ready offline by downloading it. With this, even if the connection is troubled, it wouldn’t disturb your workouts.


Now you know how to make the perfect playlist for your workouts, it’s time to choose the platform you should use, and it’s Tubidy. Tubidy is a platform where you can stream or download your favorite songs from millions of songs from all around the globe. You can also curate them and create different playlists for different activities, including workouts.

All you need to do to power up your workouts with the perfect MP3 playlist using Tubidy is go to the Tubidy website https://tubidy.ws and then pick your songs, download them, and put them into your workout playlist.

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