Create Your Custom MP3 Tracks: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Tubidy – You may need to find and collect MP3 files for a variety of purposes. Say you are an editor, you need the MP3 audio to produce a video. It is the same case if you are a music producer.

On the other hand, you can also use a specific website, such as Tubidy to find the MP3 audio files you need. This website also facilitates you to upload an MP3 track. Now, we are about to focus on the way to create a custom MP3 track through this create your custom MP3 tracks: a step-by-step tutorial article. Increase your knowledge by reading using MP3 audio in video production: a guide for editors here.

Create the MP3 Track

Indeed, you must create the MP3 track before editing or uploading it to specific sites for promotion. Follow the steps below so you can produce a ready to upload MP3 track.

Get a Digital Audio Workstation First

A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is something you must have to create MP3 tracks. Nowadays, finding a DAW is easy and fast. Beginners can download a free DAW version, whereas advanced or advanced can use the premium DAW version. Indeed, the features on the free and premium DAW version are different. Premium DAW version provides its users with complete features. As a result, you can create a more complex audio track. Search the best DAW first before downloading and buying its services.

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Prepare Suitable Headphones, Microphones, and MIDI

DAW is not the only thing you must prepare to create an MP3 track. You must also prepare suitable headphones, microphones, and MIDI. We can say that it is a must have gear for music producers, musicians, editors, and many more. These tools determine the quality of the MP3 track. The higher the quality of these tools, the better your MP3 track. The tools help to detect the small errors or mistakes on the track before the finishing phase. Say you can listen to the bass, drum, and other small elements on the audio. It also helps to listen to the original audio compared to lower tool quality.

Prepare Some Plugins and Samples

You also need to prepare some necessary plugins and samples to continue the audio music production. The plugins and samples support the performance of the DAW. These tools help you to create a more creative audio tracks by adding some effects and other sounds. The free version is available on the internet, yet investing your money on premium plugins and samples will be worth it. The premium version prevents you from copyright issue while promoting your audio tracks to the public.

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Create Your Custom MP3 Tracks

Now, you have come to the fun part, creating a custom MP3 track! Combine all the audio elements, such as drums, bass, melody, chords, and vocals to get a MP3 track you want. Ensure that you are satisfied with the result, and it is perfect enough before publishing it. Use all the tools you have to optimize the audio you want to produce.

Your Custom MP3 is Ready to Use

Congrats! Your custom MP3 tracks are ready to use in this phase. It means you have an audio, music, or song to share with friends or producers. Alternatively, you can upload your MP3 tracks on Tubidy. Tubidy is one of the recommended websites to download or upload audio files. Users only have to find the audio they want and extract it. Don’t worry! Tubidy has a system to extract the audio so you can get it on your device right away. It is also a critical thing you must understand while learning to create your custom MP3 tracks: a step-by-step tutorial.

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Upload MP3 Tracks on Tubidy

In this step you must have MP3 tracks to upload. Here, we will focus on how to upload the tracks on Tubidy. Follow the step below so you can find your MP3 tracks on Tubidy.

Yes! You can use Tubidy without having an account, yet you need an account if you want to upload a file, including an MP3 track. All you have to do is visit /. Then, go to the upload an audio page on this website. Fill all the points available on the page and ensure that all of them are correct. Upload the MP3 tracks you want to use on Tubidy. Wait for the upload process and ensure that it is done.

Now, you know how to create a custom MP3 track. The most important thing is that you also know the best media to upload the video, such as Tubidy. Learn to create your custom MP3 tracks: a step-by-step tutorial over again if it is your first time to create and publish an MP3 track. As a result, you get the result you want from the MP3 tracks. You can even get money from this activity if you want. The most important thing is that people know your custom audio.

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